My bucketlist isn’t like everyone else’s. But I am not everyone else.

Below is a list of things I would like to do before I die. The first three are the most important to me; if and when I accomplish those, none of the rest really matter.

1. Live in a foreign country as a missionary
2. Become a Spanish and Portuguese translator
3. Write a book
4. Visit…
…South America: Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina
…Central America: El Salvador, Guetamala, Haiti, Belize
…Africa: Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa
…Asia: India
…USA: Montana, Grand Canyon, Colorado
5. Complete my education.
6. go backpacking once.
7. learn to ballroom dance. Properly.
8. go on a road trip, preferably to the Grand Canyon, while in my twenties
9. eat sushi.
10. Meet and Marry my Future Husband
11. sing “Amazing Grace,” with those of another tongue.
12. base jump in Colorado while in my twenties.
13. Get baptized in the Amazon River
14. Visit a dump where people live and move and breathe.


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