You’ve Got This


Dear College-Bound Christianna,

Don’t miss the things which matter.

I’m getting right down to the purpose, because time isn’t a thing to waste. Don’t miss the things which matter in life. Don’t miss them. Listen, because I know too well how awful it feels to pursue the worthless things. My high school GPA won’t matter ten years from today. Your college grades won’t affect your future living either. Learn what you must, but don’t waste time on the temporary things.

Discover what it is that does really matter.

Look around you. Are you living with Mom and Dad? Are those two friends from our homeschool days still the close people to you? How about those which I just met this year? Don’t lose those people just because you fail to realize you’ve got them. Hold them close with every opportunity presented to you. Of all the people, you should know how quickly life can morph into something unexpected–something new.

Speaking of the new things, this college deal is huge.

I know it’s got to be full of wonder, excitement and all those things newly-graduated folks experience. But I know you too. I know you can’t inhale those once-in-a-lifetime feelings and let them saturate your lungs. No, you are much too worried for that. Worried and fearful and afraid of all these new things at your feet. New professors. New people. New places. And I bet, with everything on the inside, you could run away right now. You could give up and forget about college just because of the tidal wave it appears to be. But stop for a moment and take a breath; remember me. I faced public school for the first time this year. It was new. New and difficult and horrible and so many other indescribable things. But think of the growth which occurred in me because of the change–the newness of seven hours away from home each day. (Wouldn’t that be nice for you right now?) Remember this wasteland of mine and when you do, make sure you search for all the cracks in the door filled with light. Because those scraps of light are present–even if they aren’t obvious.

And so it is for you. There will be light to fill the dark days if you dig deep enough–if you dig deep into the heart of the Father. Because of the digging and the seeking, you are going to grow in depth and in width and in height until you become the tree God intended in you. And when you reach that point, you aren’t going to stop. So keep your branches–and your smile–raised to the sky. Make sure you chose to keep joy in your heart even if there is no light to warm your leaves.

Girl, just don’t fear.

Please learn this from me–at the very least. You can do so much better than fear. Because joy and love and grace are each waiting for you. Chose them instead.

I don’t know if you’re headed to that university of my dreams. I don’t know what major you choose to pursue or if you ever managed to do something–for better or worse–with that boy I’ve liked for so long. But I do know this: God has a plan and a purpose for each day on the calendar of your life. It really is okay to give him permission to pencil in all the things he wants for each square box.

Don’t be afraid; rather, have faith, and trust he’s got the best of dreams intended for your beautiful life. Chose to be brave. And chose to be full of joy.

You’ve got this.

The Junior You



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