This story, of my going to public school, is not about me at all. Rather, it’s about one little girl and a great big God, a God who surrounded the little girl with his people, sustained her with his vast love, and covered the her with his rich grace.

Before the sun came up each weekday, the little girl rose from her pillow already afraid; she lived shaking in her shoes. The great big God saw the anxiety wrapped around that small heart. In the dark of the early morning, the great big God met the little girl. He made her stand on his two feet, and her short arms reached up to his open hands, and they would dance.

In a white-and-yellow kitchen with old wooden floors, the great big God smiled, swaying and spinning real slow while the little girl held tight to him. Though they both enjoyed the quiet space resting between them, the little girl grew tired–even as the great big God remained steady and able. So the great big God lifted the little girl off his two feet and slid his arms underneath her legs; he carried the little girl in his strong arms. And they would dance and dance and dance some more, as she rested in him.

So the great big God became the little girl’s strength. Through the infinite might of the great big God, they never had a reason to quit dancing, and the little girl never, ever gave up.

This was God–this was me. And this was usdancing, dancing, dancing through each day of life. His strength–his people, his love, and his grace–sustained me in these past three months. Without him, I never could have overcome–I never could have made it this far. Some days, I couldn’t see him–he, the strength of my heart. But as I look back, I know he was walking beside me every step of the way. He was close to me from the time I woke up each morning till the time I rested my head, and he sustained me. He was there and he was close and he was real. 

This is my story. And this is my great big God, who showed up for me, day after day after day.

Praise the Lord; praise God our savior! For each day he carries us in his arms.

Psalm 68:19


2 thoughts on “carried.

  1. Christianna,
    This brought tears to my eyes and also hit home for me too. While you have struggled with the newness and difficulties of school, I have struggled with my calling as a teacher. It is no secret this is the hardest group of kids I have ever had. For me I have questioned, God did I make the right decision to take this job. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago God opened my eyes to the reasons. All I could do was cry when I read your post. It is so amazing how God used your story to solidify where I have been also. God does show up for us day after day. Even when we don’t see it immediately, He is always there! I love your heart and want you to know the gifts and talents you have are beyond amazing. I know His plans for you are greater then you can imagine. Keep pressing on for each step you take is one step closer to your destiny! I love you bunches:)

    1. Reading this made me cry. I am so grateful God can use my words to encourage you, because I was struggling to write this post for a few days. In all honesty, I had wanted to write something different, but God nudged me to write this story. Now I know why. I am glad you are doing better now, just as I am. Our struggles and the timeline for both of us is strangely similar! Thank you for the encouragement, and I love you too. (:


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