And Smile.

20140129-185942.jpgSharing your room with an idiosyncratic grandmother is taxing, especially when it’s for an extended stay. She rises at unlawful hours in the morning, her alarm buzzing in your ear. Her baggage litters the edge of your walls, cluttering a much loved habitat. Your privacy is taken, along with all rights to personal space. The only thing you can think is, “Wait till Friday. Just wait; she’ll leave then.”

It was alright the first week; actually it felt like some kind of adventure. But two weeks in, when her senile mother calls at five in the morning, you don’t know what to do. Although you would like to throw a fit and complain at the inconvience, you suck it up. You frown instead of grumble and keep your thoughts rather than unload them, as this would hurt a most beloved relative. Afterall, she’s your Gran, the who loves you – you, Christianna Joy.

The Gran who loves your presence, your words, your smile, your hugs. . . She’s one who is saving all her pennies for your trips, comments on every blog you write, and hugs you tight like nobody else. She’s one who believes in you, cares for you, encourages you, prays for you. . . And you’re grumbling because this Gran is living with you? For two weeks? She’s inconvient, yes. She doesn’t believe in privacy, yes. She brings her entire closet with her, yes. But she loves you. Doesn’t that make up for it all?

Yes, yes it does.

Actually, it’s more than a compensation; it’s a bright big blessing. You find yourself thankful she’s living so close. You’re loving her all the more; her presence is a blessing. Just get over your stupid self and move past your selfish perspective. You’re not the only one living in this house. Remember that.

So love your Gran. Give her a hug. Make room.

And smile the whole time.


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