Christmas Chaos in Poetic Perspective

If you haven’t already noticed, I love poetry. I consider myself a poor little poet, full of stupid little poems of my own. In school this year, I was introduced to the unimaginably vast world of stanzas, ballads, couplets, and alliteration, as well as many other things. At first I was overwhelmed at how little I understood real poetry, but I also have come to understand that poetry is best when it is simple and natural.

One form of poetry I learned about was a ‘found’ poem. You take snatches of prose, or everyday language, and piece them together to form a rather different type of poem. (This was taken from Wrtier’s INC., one of the best books on writing of which I am acquainted.)

I was lying in bed, thinking deep on the boisterousness of Christmas and I came up with my own ‘found’ poem quite easily. My brain always works better when my body is suppose to be resting. I found it interesting, and thought you might too.

I call it, “christmas CHAOS.”

Merry Christmas.Lost Christmas.Give a Garmin.Get a Garmin.Buy a tree.Seize the deal.Shop here. Get here.Consume here.Spend less here.Get a happy holiday here.

Gain a world here. Loose a soul here.




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