I often wonder what it would be like to attend a public school. How would it feel to wear the colors of loyalty to my teachers and friends? Sometimes I believe I would really enjoy being apart of a crowd on Friday nights, cheering for my school’s football team. What would it be like to feel the joy with my school when we win a game, or the defeat when we loose? I wonder, would I like it – maybe a lot?

But then, Thursday swings around again.1322

As I looked around the room yesterday, I smiled wide and relished the feeling in the atmosphere. I was in a little corner, with my back to the wall, gazing at the rest of my class. There were only eight students from the 9th- 12th grade with me, but for us, that was a big number. For the last time in the fall, we came together yesterday because of homeschooling, and also friendship. We laughed, we listened, and we cheered each other. We wouldn’t always be together; in fact, one of us is graduating in the spring and won’t share in our friendship again. Of course, he won’t be alone as he runs into his dreams, but he won’t be in our company after the next semester.

1308I’m not sure what my classmates feel about our fellowship, but for me, just chilling with them is one of the highlights of my week. I delight in their company. Whether we are playing cards through lunch, chatting before class, or laughing over each other’s speeches, I find myself content. We are crazy, lovable, down to earth people who love to play all sorts of games together. Some of us have been broken, some of us have been on the outskirts, but I believe that no matter what the rest of our lives look like, we can come together and just be at home. At least, this has been true for me.

To everyone at ROCK – especially the high school class – I would like to say thank you. Thank you for putting up with my boisterous self every week, for making me laugh, and for passing a frisbee. You have brightened my weeks, without even knowing it. You have made a home for me in your community when it feels like I have no where else1316 to belong. I am totally at ease in your company and I enjoy it so very much. Your presence is highly esteemed, second only to that of my family.

The one thing that saddens my heart when thinking of you is that fact that we don’t nearly spend enough time together, at least in my opinion. I shall miss you over the winter, brightening at the thought of reconvening in the spring. Until then, I shall pray for you, my dear friends, fully expecting that we will come together with renewed unity.  It is my aspiration that our current harmony will be stronger among us in the spring than it ever has been before.

Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds us together in perfect harmony.

Colossians 3:14


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