All the Way.

In the midst of all my questions, I remember what you said two days ago. As I rubbed my sleepy eyes that morning, wondering why on earth you had to pick this time to meet with me, you spoke, and you haven’t closed your mouth yet. Then, you said I needed to trust you, but the hecticness of my life rose up and I forgot. But yesterday morning, when I was in the middle of a crowd and trying not to breakdown, you spoke again. You said “Trust me, I’ve got this.” I replied with a simple ‘okay,’ somewhat doubting you.

But then, I found myself before you this morning. I tried to run away, but you caught me before I could. And what did you tell me, almost as soon as I sat down before you? ‘Do not be afraid or discouraged; I’ve got you.’ You were emphatic enough. In fact, it was as if I could feel you grasping my shoulders and shaking me up in order to get this point through my dense skull.

‘I’ve got you.’

I looked at my week ahead and let out a little sigh. And I wondered, why? But it didn’t matter. If there was a lesson to be learned through it, you were faithful enough to teach it. Knowing that you weren’t going to leave is what gave me the chance to breathe and to believe. You showed up in a quiet, massive way this morning,  leading me to trust once more. I would get through this week, and I would have a God beside me all the way.



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