What We Accomplish, Together.

ImageDear God,

As I look back on all that you did while I was away, I am thankful. Moreover, my heart gushes with gratitude. I am so abundantly thankful that you brought me to Nicaragua this year, that you put me on the team that you did, with the leaders we had, serving the people that we saw. I couldn’t have picked a better experience than this.

ImageAlthough most people would come home from a mission trip with one person in mind that really changed them, I do not. It was everyone. And it was you. I felt you working on the inside of me like you never have before and I know without one doubt that you created me to do this work. And I’m thrilled, overjoyed, at this thought. I have a purpose, I’m wanted, and I am Cristiana, the one you have perfectly hand-picked to declare your goodness.  I’m content in every possible way with the girl you have placed inside me,


and I’m so glad you put her there.

Thank you for aligning my steps as you did. Every piece went together so perfectly, for even some of the verses I read and things I learned there have encouraged me back home, like Psalm 37:24, 25. I quoted this verse in my station at the clinic, but now that I’m back in ‘Estados Unidos,’ the words I shared with them return to my heart and encourage me as well. Or Psalm 46:10. I’m learning to be still in my hectic, American life and learn more about you than I ever have before.

Thank you for showing my your greatness, beauty, and creativity. ImageI’m so glad I serve the God I do, that I can be sure of your strength and helping hand as I sift through my troubles at home. Keeping showing me yourself, in my memories of Rancheria, or Villa Quince, or of my team. Remind me everyday of your wonders and your work in my life.



Don’t let the people we touched forget so easily about your love, either. Bring to their minds all that they saw, heard, and felt while in our care. And when they reflect on these things, let it be your touch that moves their hearts again. If need be, let them forget us so they can feel you and be changed by

Imageyou once more. Don’t leave them, God, as we had to, but keep moving, for me and my friends. You can do so much more than we ever could, and I trust you to accomplish your heart for these people.

Remember Alen, Andrae, Lisseth, Ariel, Fransisco, Rebecca, Carlos, Javier, Scarlet, David, and Jose. Also, don’t forget everyone else who partnered with us to make this Imagehappen, like Kaiti, Mrs. D, Elizabeth, Ciara, Tammy, Kaylee, and Sheila. Thank them all in your own special way for me, and let them know of my great gratitude.

Thank you, God. You are so amazing, and I am so excited to keep walking with you. I’ll never quit, I promise. I can’t wait to see what we will accomplish together.

I love you.


“Take delight in the Lord, and

He will give you your heart’s desires.”

-Psalm 37:4




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