Tonight, my brother and I went on an adventure with a few other pals. I told him to write out a story from what he had encountered. When we got home, we both promised to write a description of the evening if the other would do it too. So, I have decided to create a little blog out of our journal entries from nature. I wonder if you will be able to tell who is in second grade and who is a sophomore. Caleb needs a little practice, but I am quite happy at the thought of teaching him to unleash his feelings on paper. This was a nice way to practice and I hope we will get the chance to do it again soon!

It’s Better With Friends

By: Yours Truly

Today was grand. For dinner, the staff at my dad’s church had a picnic in a wonderful state park, which was open for exploration. When plates were packed away and bellies were full, I decided it was time to uncover the wonders of the woods.

With a handful of other kids, I wandered down a steep hill to a creek at the bottom. We turned over rocks, looking for crayfish, who are from class Crustacea, I might add. Being successful in our search, my cousin Samuel and I captured two crayfish with little grey bodies. We found many tiny critters that were grey and were the same size as the capture ones. With so many running around, we thought we might find some older ones, but never turned up any.

As we moved further down the creek, my older cousin Jacob discovered at least five frogs. All of them were hastily running from our tramping crew. I only got a good look at one of them, but it was okay. For me, it was thrilling enough to have found one! Though he sat in the shadows out of reach, I could tell the frog I had spotted was rather dark with a lighter belly. Calculating legs and all, I think he was about the size of my palm. In my opinion he was fantastic, though it really would have been nice to have caught him.

I so long to ‘go out adventuring’ more often. After taking biology, I really love observing nature, especially when it can move.  The woods are nice when it’s quiet and still, but it’s better with friends by my side, like I had tonight.

I Like Adventuring

By: Caleb Hines

We found crawldads. We found frogs. We climbed hills. We played at the park. I’m happy. I have fun. I like adventuring.










So, yeah, we both need a little more practice and it will be fun to do so together in the future. I can’t wait to write with him about our day tomorrow, since it will be loaded with fun on account of Independence Day. We will be with family by the woods, so I am sure there will be loads to tell about afterward. (: I like it like that best, just ask my family.




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