To Know You Care

Yesterday was Father’s Day. This year, above all others, I was reminded of just how blessed I am in the family, and because of Father’s Day, the dad I have. One late night after watching a movie, my father said to my sister and I, “What we have is special.” In other words, not many people can smile as we do, or laugh at our jokes as we can, or cry in pain as one like we do. What we have is special and very few people in the world can say they have a great home life like I can. What I have is a blessing and I shouldn’t take it for granted as I am apt to do everyday.

In youth we were asked to write what a father was to us. On a little purple post-it, a student wrote (a father is…) ‘Something I wish I had.’ I haven’t been able to get that line out of my head ever since it was read. What must that be like? Oh, it makes me want to capture the fatherless in a tight embrace and never let go until they know they are loved and are wanted, that they matter and that they can have a Father. As I looked around our church yesterday morning, I was appalled by the amount of children who didn’t have a dad. One child’s father is imprisoned, another has one that doesn’t care. Still another father doesn’t live here on earth and one child doesn’t even know who his father is. Some might be able to name their father, but to them he is just a man who shared a little DNA. He is not a dad and never will be. Oh, it makes me want to cry!

There is a solution, however. In youth, Chad, our youth pastor, reminded us that even if we didn’t have a good earthly father, there is always a Heavenly Father who will be there for us when we need him, and who will never fail us. His love will never be discontinued because of something we do and will certainly never cease because of something happening to him. He will take us by the hand and hold us in his arms when we need it. He will guide us into truth and teach us to be who he created us to be. Because of his Son, we can be accepted as his adopted sons and daughters too! Praise be to the Father who created us and loves us. He will never let go!

This is something more than a few people in the world need to realize. And we are obligated to go tell them.

To the orphaned, I say this:
God loves you. He won’t let go of your hand; just cling to him. He’ll lead you and you won’t lack anything. He says he satisfies the deepest longings of our soul and you don’t need to fear that he will ever fail you or not live up to your expectations. Rather, dream bigger about such a relationship than you ever have before! God will surpass all that you expect and hope for.

To my fellow Christians, I say this:
Do not neglect the orphaned in their time of need. Extend a hand; give a hug; send up an audible prayer. Let them know somebody cares, that they aren’t forgotten, but that they are loved deeply by a Heavenly Father and an earthly being. Let them know you care.

A father to the fatherless, defender of widows is God in his holy dwelling.
Psalm 68:5

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of the Lord means caring for orphans and widows in their distress…
James 1:27

If my father and mother abandon me, the Lord will hold me close.
Psalm 27:10


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