Up to Your Face

God, thank you for the wind and the rain. Thank you for stories and beaches, and bright sunny days. Thank you for summer vacation and academic goals that keep me going. Thank you for the ‘bend in the road,’ glorious spring days, and having the car windows all rolled down. Thank you for journals, words and poetry, which make the monotony of everyday living easier to bare. Thank you for vivacity and the creatures that I find.Thank you for the beating of my heart and for legs that can run.

Thank you for my family, who makes me smile on gloomy days. Thank you for friends, as they love me even after discovering who I really am. Thank you for those you’ve put on my heart to love, though I might not feel that sensation in return. Thank you for sloppy kisses and tender little smiles.

Thank you for a soul that delights in you alone, for I never feel content when we’re apart. Thank you for my mind and the adventures we can go on. Thank you for that secret garden I can always return to when I need to rest in your presence. Thank you for giving me a purpose. Thank you for being God, even on days that I forget to look up to your face.

Your Little Girl

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One thought on “Up to Your Face

  1. Loved this!! Makes me smile as I think about all the ways God has blessed me!!! Always remember you are the Joy of God’s heart and mine.!!!


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