The Rhapsody of My Broken Life

All that I am is your work; you’ve fashioned me by the skill of your hand. Before you found me, I was broken into pieces of dried up clay, scattered at your feet. But now, O Lord, you’ve picked me up. You’ve assembled every piece of me back together. With your adroit fingertips, you fashioned me and formed me into a new work of art, one more radiant than I had ever been before. The cracks, scratches and scares are all still visible, but they make my reformation even more spectacular. For through them all, the glory of God is emanated forth.

All this was your work; my life is yours. You found me when I was lacking love and company; you sought me out above everyone else. You laid your present work aside to rescue me in my despair and sin. You called me out from among the crowd. You placed a special purpose on my life and called me your own, your daughter, beloved and beautiful for you to behold. Through every trial, discomfort, and self iniquity, you’ve been there for me, above everyone else. Never once have you departed from my side nor left me entertaining feelings of longing for something more or different. Through every drought, you’ve been faithful to provide for me, washing the dust from my feet. My tears have fallen on your shoulder and my arms have been filled in your embrace. You’ve sang over me and given me precious promises to recall in every situation. You’ve fixed a smile firmly on my face by filling me with your love.

We’ve had a wondrous time together, as we gamboled about in golden fields of joy. The sun outlined our faces; it illuminated the moment as insect buzzed around our heads. The sapphire sky was filled with billowing clouds as a breeze brushed through our hair and across our skin. You took my hands and spun us around; you lied beside me, watching the clouds drift across sky as we dreamed big dreams. You’ve frolicked about with me, as we played peek-a-boo around a prodigious tree. We’ve sung notes to famous choruses, with huge smiles on our cheeks, sweeping our hands in playful gesture. We’ve studied the flowers in our Father’s garden, side by side, making note of every detail. From across the lilac bush, you gazed at me as I examined every element. A loving and content smile swept across your face.

Yes, its true; you’re the one I love, the one I seek. You never leave me empty, but full and overflowing. You are constructing a house for me, a place where I will really belong. There I will stay, forevermore, perched contently at your feet as you describe stories of your wonders. There I will be found; there I will live, resting in your shadow, the very picture of peace.



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