A Heart Like Jesus’

Today,  my heart is full. Gifts cannot compare to the ones laughing around me, who encourage, inspire, and strengthen me. These are the ones I live my life with, the ones that teach me, the ones that make me smile, the ones that I love. These are the ones who stand beside me, feeding into my dreams and helping me continue on the path that God has created for me. 

Today, my heart is longing. Although I dearly love all those around me, my heart is yearning for more. Here isn’t where I belong, in this culture, nor in this group of people. Here, they have a ministry of their own, a church to run, a people to lead and to serve. No, I’m not going to stay here. I long to hug those who have lost someone. I long to reach the malnourished child and give them sustenance. I long to run along red dirt roads, declaring the name of Jesus to all who will listen. 

Today, my heart is thankful. Jesus ravaged my heart. He came into the world to save his children from death and destruction. He was king, but gave up his place and became a low human being to serve us. He loved the Father and did what he asked in obedience because of it.

I want to be like that. I want to love the Father as much as Jesus, doing what he asks because of my heart for him. I want to serve like Jesus serves, not caring about social status, and looking past the outer appearance, to a heart that longs for love. I want to assist someone else who has nothing, giving up the gifts that I receive for them. I want to live like Jesus lived.

i am going to live like him, by his strength, grace, and forgiveness. 

Jesus, I thank you. You’re amazing, the love of my heart, light of my life, and hope of my future. You called  me out and picked me up. You’ve forgiven my sins and given me a new song to sing. He gave up everything to save me from the darkness I lived in. Now, give me the strength to give you everything, so that you plans can be held out. Change me in this next year and create in me a heart that belongs to you alone, a heart that mirrors your in everyway: size, purity, and matter. Change me. Make me like you – bold, loud, and daring, an outcast in the eys of the world. Help me to love like you and to have a heart for your people.




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