Life with Little Ones

If you didn’t get a chance to read my blog series ‘The Screwy’s,’ you might want to check it out, before or after reading this post. Just click on “November 2011” on my blog archives and they should all be there!(:

The following is a glimpse into my everyday life…

5th4th 018Jumping, running,  never stopping. Their energy is abundant, a never ending flow of hyper activity. Their feet patter hard against the hard wood floors, sending the whole family into chaos. Their voices rise as their actions become more boisterous. They never stop! They hardly ever listen, doing  exactly what I say not to, simply because I am their sister, and so have not enough authority to reprimand them. They embarrass me; their pranks are constant. Never do they quit for even a second. There isn’park 039t a dull moment, spent in happy solitude. I must fill their gullets to get them hushed. Even then, they make a huge mess, left for me to clean up while they run and play and scream till their laughter is louder than even that.

Yet there are some beautiful moments too. Their compliments are ceaseless and they are perpetually there to make me laugh when I feel like crying. There’s always a hug in their arms on rough days and a sweet prayer to join it. They make pretty pictures for us to 5th4th 051remember their young days after they’re gone and grown up. Their excitement over the little things reminds me to delight in every moment, for each is sweet in its own way, even the ones spent with boisterous play.

They won’t be small forever, and someday they won’t be as sweet, so I Aunt Sam 147think I shall cherish them, never forgetting to hug their small bodies and kiss their soft cheeks. Soon they will banish such things, forgetting how incredible it is to be a kid at the same time.



2 thoughts on “Life with Little Ones

  1. Yes,yes,yes, cherish these wonderful moments. I do and I remember such moments about you my sweet CJ.( It wasn’t that long ago, either) And remember to be a kid with them and they will have wonderful memories of their big sister and cousin!!!! I specifically remember all the River Dancing that you and your sister blessed me with!!! :)


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