My House

My house sits here like any other ordinary home. Yet, is any home ordinary? I think not. Every one of them is as unique as the people inside. I don’t talk of the stuff they have, either. Each one has it’s own special story of things that it has gone through, things that it has seen, children it has watch grow up. . .

Ours was a home, not like most, in fact. From the outside, it does look like any other around, but (I always laugh when I here this) Mom and Dad picked it out of a catalog.SmileYes, it is in fact, a mobile home. That just might be the worst thing about it, aside from it sitting on 3 acres that I must mow every week. When the storms come, I feel so unsafe, especially after coming back from Alabama.

This house is the one that I have lived in all of my life. Mom and Dad brought me home to it, as well as the other 3 kids. It has watched me grow up into the young girl that I am. It watched as I took my first steps, said my first words, and grew to be a little toddler. From there, it beheld me as I wailed over school, (which I still do today) as I told my mom that I didn’t believe in doing math anymore, even if it meant she had to go to prison.Ciara's bday sp w Lilli 092

It kept on going, long after Ciara decided she liked to write on it’s walls, after we squirted paint on the ceiling, and after I decided to hang up every paper that inspired me on my wall by way of tape and pins. (The boys never really wanted to have great fun and play games on the walls I don’t think.)

And then it saw me as I grew up from there, finding friends, and growing closer withPICT0045 the people that I love. It watched as my friends and I had sleepovers, while creating the best of memories. It watched as we put too much blush on our cheeks, endured the fandom of movies, and made beautiful messes. It watched as we grew together, year after year, until we were inseparable.

And then, it watched as I fell apart, and had to endure the troubles of this life. It saw my tears and beheld my shame. And then it saw me, as I truly found God, because of my hard times. It sees me Jessica4now, as I try to get better, to follow Jesus, and to act like he does.

It saw my secret letters, my deepest desires, and all of my thoughts. It saw them like no one else ever did. And it saw me, as I found who I truly was in the sight of God and the people of this world.

It watched me, as I found my calling in life, and as my love for orphans grew. It sees my efforts to try and raise enough money to see them soon. It sees as I live for Jesus as much as I can, as it is that I am human.

That is my house, and parts of my story. I hope you enjoyed it, although it was somewhat long.Smile



2 thoughts on “My House

  1. These pictures brought back so many memories I was almost in tears reading it. I LUV u. Great job


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