photo (2)When love takes shape, you know it. It’s deep; it’s thorough; it never really leaves. Love is so much more than a feeling; it’s an action; it’s a group of actions; it’s a life long commitment. When you really love someone, you pray for them daily, think of them always, and you never ever leave their side, no matter the circumstance.

Because of your love for one person, you can automatically love someone else, without even meeting them in person. When you love someone, you care for them, through thick and thin, through trial and triumph, through all the seasons of life.

When you act out of love, you feel full and alive. You feel as if you can’t quite; that it’s too good a feeling to just dismiss with one dose. It is the gift that you can never have enough of, and that you can’t give enough.

Love is unique. It’s not the same as other feelings. When you feel loved, you feel full, complete, like you actually mean something,photo 2 (2) that you have a real purpose.

Love isn’t something that can be manufactured by humans. Even in the heart. It comes straight from God, and can’t truly come from anywhere else. God always acts out of love, even when he punishes us, for His Word says that when we become God’s children, He disciplines us so that we may be corrected and made right; not corrupt. He loves us, and it is for that very reason that we were made. It was because of His love that Christ came and died for us, just as John 3:16 says.

In light of all this, are you acting out of love? Do you care for your friends and family out of God’s love for you and for them?

Do all things out of love. Out of God’s love for you, and for others. And that includes EVERYONE.


5 thoughts on “Love

  1. I LOVE this CJ!! Thanks for sharing :) Your mom and I are in a virtual group together and I’m loving getting to know her. You’ve got a pretty special mom <3


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