Why Not?

As of Wednesday, I have blogged for a whole year now.:) Thank you all for your endless support.

In the book Radical by David Platt, there is a story that he depicts about a man in the ‘African bush,’ as he describes it. David and this man were having a conversation about changing the world and David asks him if he really would and his reply was simply, “Why not?”

I want to pose this same question to you (and more pointedly to myself). Why not changed the world? Why not tell everyone you meet about Jesus Christ? Why not live for him with everything you are?

There are so many “why not’s” we could ask ourselves concerning our relationship with God, it’s crazy.

Can you imagine you and God having the following conversation?

“Why are you not telling your friend about me?”

“Well, I’m scared about what he will say. And you know him; he’s kinda hard to talk to.”

“Okay, so why aren’t you spending more time with me?”

“Well, I just don’t have enough time to.

“Why not just get up earlier? You seriously could cut back on your sleeping.”

“Well, I get tired, and I just feel like sleeping in. Besides, I need to be my best.”

“But why not give me your best?”

You see what I mean. When we ask ourselves, why not, the answer is always filled with excuses. Excuses that cater around us and our comfort.

But what about the rest of the world? What about the broken people and the shattered hearts? Can’t you hear them? They are crying for you to just say, “why not?,” to what God has for you.

Just say “Why not?” There are no real excuses.

Why not live the way Jesus wants us to?

“Why not give me your best?”


5 thoughts on “Why Not?

  1. Radical is an amazing book! Made me really uncomfortable at times to read it but it changed my view of what it means to say I follow Christ. We ask for God to put opportunities in our lives to tell others about Christ yet when the opportunity presents itself we struggle at times to have the courage to do exactly what we asked for a chance to do. The times I’ve been able to fight through the fear and insecurities and speak with someone about Christ have been some of the most empowering points in my faith.


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