Dear Subjects

Oh, school how I despise you sometimes. All the toil and tears for what? For forgetting the next day, and for dreaming I was doing something else.

History? Well you are not so bad. You hold great stories of great people. But really, do I need to know why Gandhi led people to do satyagraha in India to the British?

And Math, how can u be so impossibly stubborn? You never listen to my explanation of my answer. All you say is, “That’s wrong. Do it again.” You make me angry and vile at times; you just won’t compromise.

Dear English, sometimes I want to write my own stories instead of finish yours. I must tell you though, you have helped me abundntly this past year. Thank you for your service.

Science, after this chapter, I must conclude you are the worst of all. How can you make me go through such pain? You conbine numbers with certain facts that do not interest me at all. Besides that, you make me figure out data that I can find on the weather channel.

But Christmas, oh how you are my favorite time of the year! I am free from my chains of unusable knowledge because of you and I shall rejoice, for at least 3 weeks…


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