Fill Your Tank

As I started mowing last week (last time for the season by the waySmile) I though about how I had had to fill the tank before cutting the grass. Without gas, the mower can’t do it’s job and withadsout the right amount, it won’t function either. If you put any other liquid substance in the tank, it will malfunction also.

God is the same way with us. Without Him, we virtually can’t really live life. We are dead without Him. The apostle Paul said this many times in  his letters to the churches. On top of this, we can’t just get a drop of Him and think that that will be enough to sustain us, while we keep sinning. We have to totally commit our lives to Him in everyway before we can really experience life. And that means going through some tough stuff, and getting a little grass on your toes.

Some people try to fill their lives with substances other than God, but even then, their engine won’t run as it is made to. In order to really be filled and to really run, he have to let God fill us all the way up with Himself.

Have you done that yet? Have you done it today? Try living, really living, with God as your fuel.



One thought on “Fill Your Tank

  1. Very good analogy!!!! I hate it when I fill up at the wrong gas station instead of the BIBLE!!!! You made me think about which staton I’m spending too much time at. Love ya!!


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