Live Like Jesus

Jesus died because of you and me. He gave up everything to save us from ourselves. And when He came, He showed us the very meaning of humility through His life.

When Jesus started speaking about His Father, He was 12 years old. At the age of 30, He started His ministry and never quit, literally. When He was here on earth, all He did was His Father’s work. That’s all. He didn’t waste time downloading the newest game on  His iPhone or spend all day trying to beat the top score on Angry Birds. He dedicated all of Himself to what God had called Him to do.

After He spent so much time healing us, teaching us, and making a relationship with us, we spat in His face. We gambled for His bloody clothing. We pierced His side and ran nails through His hands. We whipped and beat Him till he wasn’t even recognizable. Don’t say that because you weren’t there, you didn’t do any of that, because you did. All of us have and will beat Him. Every time we lie, cheat, hate, steal, lash out in anger, disobey when He calls us to do something, we hurt Him. Above all that, we crush His heart by turning completely away from Him.

Even after all that, Jesus still pursues us with all of His heart. And even then, we turn from Him, but He still runs after us. If that doesn’t portray love, I honestly don’t know what does. You tell me.

So the real question is, what’s your excuse? What keeps you from serving Jesus at every waking moment of every single day? Let me tell you something. What ever it is, it’s not good enough. Not after all that Jesus has done, is doing, and will do for you.

What are you going to do now? Go change the world. Do it even if you are rejected, even if you get hurt, even if it takes every single micro-cell within you. You are not alone in your pursuit for Him. At least one other person did this, and He did it all for you. Go tell someone else about this God, about this person who gave all the wonders of the world away to save people who hated Him.

Never Fear. Go. Be Jesus. Share the good news. Don’t sit down and watch as life passes by. Go change the world.

Always remember, Jesus gave up everything for you. So you need to give up everything for Him.



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