What’s Peace and Quiet?

Today I realized that although my parents are home and everything is back to normal (if you can call my life that), I will never be altogether forgotten by theLast of the Screwys 020 screwys. Today, my grandma had to come down to my house to watch my brothers and cousins (5 counting the baby), plus her babysitting kids (totaling 7 boys in all), because my mom had things to get done, and due to certain situations, my grandma had to watch the screwys down at my house. I won’t explain all that however.

To say the very least, the children acted as if they drank Mountain Dew for breakfast instead of milk. Samuel and Caleb had a wrestling match on top of the couch, while summer-salting over Mickle. Somehow, Toots managed to escape the pack of fighters. Although it looked strenuous to me, the boys were giggling the whole time, reminding me of things Ciara and I use to do. The two bigger boys would summer-salt over top of Mickle, catching him in their legs, and holding him captive together.Last of the Screwys 053

At lunch time, Max screamed as if he was dying, due to Gran not getting him his food when he wanted it. When the older screwys sat down to eat, they sang ‘Jesus loves me,’ (they learned all the verses and sing it every day before they eat), but it wasn’t the traditional song. Samuel yelled a very loudly of ‘Jesus Loves Me Mumbles’, while making silly noises and Caleb caught on too, so I had to stop all of them, and explain the importance of acting like gentleman at the lunch table. So we started singing again from the top, and this time, all of the boys caught on to Samuel’s silly endeavor. This time, my nerves couldn’t hold it. I yelled that if they wouldn’t stop acting up, there would be no watching ‘Tangled’ afterward.Last of the Screwys 040 We started again from the top and no more silly tones were used, but they did use their hands to act wild. That was it. No movie for them. I stopped them, and told them no movie, then we started again. That time, there was no goofing off at all. Punishments work wonders sometimes!!

The srcewys were permitted to watch ‘Pink Panther,’ another one of their favorites, but before that, Caleb and Samuel got into it again, and Mickle found himself there too. This time, I took pictures, and I can’t wait for the boys to grow up so I can show them how they acted today.Last of the Screwys 044

I do sincerely believe that this day was worse than any of the days last week. Now that I have been through all this, I wonder what peace and quiet really is. To me, it seems like an impression left with me from the times before any of the boys came around. So really, what is peace and quiet? Can anyone explain this concept to me? I have forgotten what it means.



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