Two Little Old Ladies

hey 003Today, there is nothing much exciting to talk about when I think of the boys. Of course, tonight we are going to Burger King to play in the Jungle Gym, so that should be interesting, but we did have a visitor. Right before lunch, Gran’s twin sister Mary and their mother stopped by to spend the afternoon with us since Mary was in town (she lives in another place in Ohio). It was quite fascinating watching those two frolic about and chat. They compared their grandchildren, whom are mostly close in age, and they even matched up the way their churches run children’s ministry.

After we sent the children to bed for a nap in the afternoon, Gran went to her house, which is right up the hill, and Mary and I played a game of Sequence, both of the twins’ favorite game. They talk and act so much alike it’s not even funny. Well, I suppose it is. When one remark’s about something, the other would have said the same exact thing. I honestly felt like an odd ball talking to them while they said so many of the same things. Today, they even matched in their clothing, which was entirely an accident, I might add.

It’s a good thing they look different, or I might have not been able to tell them apart today. In pictures of when they were kids, I can never tell them apart by facial expressions, or whatever, but I always can tell which one was who because Gran was a little taller than Mary, though not anymore. Of course, cameras back then weren’t the greatest so it is harder when you take that into consideration.

All in all, my afternoon with the little old ladies, was simply put, a fun time. I loved having them both together to compare to one another, seeing as how they act so much alike.

It’s funny to think of my mom and her sister as twins when you are with these two. Aunt Lele and Mom are completely different when you compare them to Aunt Mary and Gran. Quite frankly, I don’t see how any one could mistaken my mom and her sister as twins, when I take into consideration the real ones. If you really pay attention to Lele and Mom’s faces, you can tell them apart quite easily. The things they say, the way they act, their personalities, and the way they look all factor in to just being sisters, not twins.


Summary of my Week:

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These are all in order from Tuesday to Friday and I only posted my favorites.Winking smile


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