What a Day:)

In my search for normalcy this day, I think that I might have acted a little out of turn. I know it sounds absurd, but I think inside I went back to mScrewy-Thursdays 008y toddler days with the rest of the kids, even though I shall officially be a teenager next week. I suppose that my inclinations to go ‘back in time,’ was something that I got from having to deal with so many screwys at one time. Today actually wasn’t so bad, so I can proudly say, that not one of my hairs were pulled out on account of nerves bursting with madness.

At lunch time today, I took a count of every creature we had sitting at the table, and compared it to the first day when all those people from different time periods and cultures appeared out of the bedroom. Then we had had a cowboy, Sir Samuel the Knight, Spidey, and an action figure from Star Wars. Instead of Spiderman and the cowboy, we had two hunters. In the place of Star Wars, we had Superman and for the knight, we had a soccer player. In addition to those trades in character, we also had two other specimens. There was a patient without a doctor, and a jogger who thought he was a toy. What do you think of my zoo? I’m going to open up for customers tomorrow afternoon if you want to see the animals I live wScrewy-Thursdays 009ith-well, for the next day or so anyhow.

In the afternoon, I built my animals a fort, because of a deal I made with them during Ciara’s and my childhood rampage. It was a little bit breezey outdoors on such a day in early November, but it did me good I believe. Besides, the work wasn’t so hard and I got to have a laugh or two on my side of the deal (and so did Gran).

For dinner this evening, we are having pizza which my grandpa is bringing over. I’m very excited about his coming, but I hope so dearly that he doesn’t get scared and run off from the animals. What a shame it would be to have perfectly good pizza splattered all over the sidewalk where the animals themselves can eat every scrape if they wish!




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