For Better–Or Worse?

It’s the second day of The Sitters of the Screwys on Brown Hollow’s children watch and we have 2 extra children today. I can’t believe that I haScrewy-Twoy 004ve indeed made it alive this far. I can safely say, however, that I am thoroughly done with the idea of ever babysitting in my life.  Early this morning, little Max, the smallest member of the SS (Sitters’ Screwys) gang, wailed uncontrollably, due in part to his lack of sleep the night before. Gran’s efforts to put him to sleep were terribly in vain, and I felt like sewing his mouth shut, and tight too. Max and I are already not on good terms, and this made me all the more upset with his obscure one-year-old ways.

Needless to say, I found refuge in my room among my school books–the only bright side to this long week of my. With my books, I usually can have an accuse for running to my room, but by the afternoon, however, this is normally not valid any longer due to my quick work.

At lunch time (which is the most pressuring time of day) we fed the children Mac-and-cheese, a highly recommended substance, though not entirely good for the body. As a side dish, we fed them either oranges or bananas, which ever they chose. At the end of the meal, I had to clean over seven dishes, bowls, and plates. Plus an extra dozen or so utensils, but don’t let me fool you this time however. All I had to do was rinse them off and throw them into the dishwasher (Don’t worry Mom, I didn’t actually Screwy-Twoy 002throw themLaughing out loud)

At this moment, we are in process of running the children down so that they fall asleep quickly and deeply this evening. The procedure always works wonders for me. Yesterday, we did the same thing, and it worked so magnificently that the other sitters and I got to watch a movie last night before retiring. What a wonderful answer to my problems! Well, that isn’t entirely true, for the children do not sleep clear through the next day, but it works well in the evening anyhow.

So this leads me to say, for better or worse? I think this whole thing is for the worse, but you might want to ask someone else.



2 thoughts on “For Better–Or Worse?

  1. Cute blogs! I’m enjoying keeping up with your days while I’m gone. Thanks for helping your Gran. I love you!


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