The Return of Hectic Hideaway

AlonHektic hideaway returns 017g with my parents’ departure to Texas for the week, they left my sister, grandma, and I in charge of my younger brothers but also in regards to the trip, my aunt and uncle also pitched their children off to the Sitters of the Screwys on Brown Hollow (Screwys, by the way, was derived from screwy which meant crazy or absurd). The impression left on us before they left was extremely vague compare to the loss I have suffered thus far, and they have only been gone a few hours as of this moment. Shortly after their leave, Gran fixed dinner and we had the screwys come sit at the table with us as we ate together. All throughout the meal, we were constantly telling the screwys to stop acting out, laughing when it wasn’t necessary, sit at their assigned seat so as to not make a mess, and gobs of other instructions. Needless to say, on of the screwys lost his right to dessert and a couple others were not far from it.

Through the remaining of this evening, I cam face to face with Spiderman, a Sir Samuel the knight, aHektic hideaway returns 021n action figure from star wars, and a rough and rowdy cowboy from rustic western Brown Hollow. They all come together quite happily, compare to their complexities in culture, time period, and occupational differences.

At this very moment, we are readying the screwys for bed, and are in the mist of shower taking, in preparation for snack. One thing I wish for now, is that cowboys and knights would be introduced to the concept of deodorant!

Please stay tune for the next edition of the SSBH, coming up tomorrow night.




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