Authentic Christian


A Christian.

What does this mean?

Christian- Exhibiting a spirit proper to a follower of Jesus Christ.

This is a secular answer. If I were to pull out a Christian Dictionary written by modern day American Christians, what would the definition be? Or if a secular individual was to study the life of a Christian these days, and were to come up with a definition from that study, what would it be?

If we think seriously about these questions, it should scare us. The definition most likely would read something like this ‘a person who attends church on Sunday.’ Maybe that’s not exactly what it would say, but you get the picture. I mean really, what are Christians like these days?

I am trying to work my way through the Bible and I just got done with the New Testament (yes, I started backwards). I am currently working on Genesis, and what I have found on the subject is remarkable.

The story to illustrate really Christians is that of Cain and Able. You know the story well. Able gave God his best newborn lamb from his flock. And Cain? He gave to God after he had picked the first and best out for himself. When God came down to receive the offerings, he accepts Able’s, and Cain’s offering is despised. The Bible says that Cain got very angry at God for not accepting what he had brought, even though he was the one who had not brought his best.

God didn’t accept Cain’s gift because he gave it halfheartedly. If we, as so called ‘Christians,’ only give to God because He requires us to, then we really do not serve Him at all. And I am not just talking about money here. What God really wants, is you. So, are you going to be an authentic Christian, or are you going to serve Him halfheartedly?

Let’s discover what being a true Christian is together.




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