Powerful Pull #1

Note: I didn’t write this from experience. . . please remember this while reading.

All was calm; all was serene. Small, graceful waves lapped onto shore, making the most peaceful scene. The breeze broke across my face and flew threw my hair, making me feel as if I was floating high above the world. Then all of the sudden, a giant wave came speeding up behind me. I tried to run, but the current kept me still; I tired to scream, but my voice was drowned out. The massive wall of water fell directly over top of me, pulling me under it. I tired to reach up, to breath again, but I had no strength to with stand. I tired to fight it, to save my life, but the fear within me raged louder than the tumbling wave. I couldn’t fight; I couldn’t stand; I couldn’t breath.



6 thoughts on “Powerful Pull #1

  1. What are you trying to do? Leave us hanging?
    What happened next? I know you are alive cause you posted this!!!!

  2. I’m hoping this didn’t really happen but if it did, I guess your OK since you’re able to write about it!!!
    Love you.


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