Kid’s Camp 2011

Kids Camp 2011, Big Apple Adventure, was awesome. I just got back last night from it actually. It was the greatest camp year of mine, which I am glad for, since it was my last year as a camper. Therefore, I will give you the highlights of what made camp so great.

The first thing that made camp great, was that I got to help my best friend Lilli get saved. During chapel, she whispered in my ear that ‘I think I want to get saved tonight.’ I gave her a giant kiss and hug, while we patiently waited for chapel to end, so we could do it without interruption. When we went up for alter call together, I grabbed Lilli’s hand as I explained to her what she had to do to become a christian. I started to cry and she did also. My smiles never left my face that night and a few people said that I was shining. I could see a huge difference in Lilli too, and I thought that she looked happy and content as well, when she told her other friends about her new found faith.

On Saturday night, the 5th and 6th grade groups, which was the one I was in, got to have a time of worship all to ourselves. When the music started to go on, I began to cry, putting everything about my life before Jesus Christ. The prayers that were prayed for me that night changed everything it felt like. Many people were crying, including my friend Jake who hardly ever cries. It was the greatest service we ever had.

One of the other things that this year’s camp unforgettable to me, was the worship. Lilli, Ciara, Rebekah, Alina, my parents, my aunt and uncle, Sarah, Graham (Lilli’s twin brother), Andrew, and Patrick all did worship together. I had the most amazing time on stage, singing the Gospel to my friends and cabin mates. It was so fun, and I don’t think that any of us on stage are going to forget it anytime soon.

“For God loved the world in this way
that He gave His one and only Son,
so that anyone who believes in Him
will not perish but have eternal life.
So why don’t you?”


5 thoughts on “Kid’s Camp 2011

  1. wow girl!! if you had that much on an awesome experience just for being there for a weekend, then you are deffinantly going to have to go to senior high camp w\me next year!! i’ve never actually been but i do have to say that the stories that kaylee & kassie have told me about from there week of camp are 10x better than the ones at your camp!!! that is, no offence to your camp, but this week is filled w\ kids that are our age all of the way to people that are kaylees age!! i think taht you would really enjoy it!!! tell your friend lilli that i am happy to have her as a new sister in christ!!!! :`-)

  2. I didn’t know about the prayer time so you will have to come have a tea party and share with me!!! I absolutely loved the songs and enthusiasm shown and I think everyone knew it was for and to God so others would see the mighty love God has for us, His creation!!!! It’s all about getting close and personal with Him and I loved what I saw.

    I bet the party for Lilli in Heaven was and continues to be GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!

  3. It was fun and I’m sure you’ll enjoy next year just as much. Sounds like you should consider going to camp with Kaitlin as well! Love you.

  4. I loved Saturday night was defintly the best!!!! When I heard that Lilli got saved I was So excited!!!! I just hope that I can help Beka get to b a sister in Christ!!!!


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