The Lloyds

When we were in Alabama, we worked on the house of an eighty-year-old couple. This project was so big that it took us almost two full days of work to complete. On the last day of work, at their house and in AL, we got to meet them. Mr. Nelson Lloyd brought his wife, Ruth Lloyd, and his daughter, who I didn’t get the name of. We gave him a Bible that we had all signed at lunch and big alligator tears welled up in his eyes. Love poured from him and I will never forget how humbling it was to have met him.

Mr. Lloyd was a wood carver, and he did fantastic work. He let us go into his garage, which was his workshop, and take anything we wanted, and the rest was going to a second hand store. He made beautiful carvings in the shape of states that said the names and had objects of that certain state. He made plates that I got to take home, as smooth as you please. There were two big plates and two small ones. I also brought home puzzles of dinosaurs that he made to my younger brothers.

I will never forget this kind hearted man



One thought on “The Lloyds

  1. Glad to hear more about your trip. Your article in the Gazette was great. Keep writing and blogging. Love ya!!


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