Kevin Rice

I just got back from Alabama and now, I don’t think that I will ever be the same. The destruction there is more than heart breaking. Whatever you have imagined that it would look like, think ten times worst. I hadn’t really imagined what it would look like, but when I got there, I couldn’t say anything, for minutes afterward. It is so hard to process it all after you see the miles of disaster that the tornado left in it’s tracks. It seems like the mess never ends. Never. There is no beginning or end to it, just a mess that feels impossible to clean up. Steps led up to nowhere. Doors hanging in trees. Houses smashed. Trees everywhere. Hugh piles of debris on every side of the road. It makes me want to cry in desperation for those people who lost everything, some even their lives or friends and family. I just start to shake thinking about it. It silences me. It breaks my heart. It stings my eyes.

Even through the mess, we changed lives down there. We met a boy named Kevin Rice who lost his father and dog in the tornado. When we first saw him, Kevin didn’t talk much. He didn’t smile of laugh. He didn’t show hardly any emotion at all, except depression. We saw him the next day and he talked a ton, smiled at us, and even laughed with us. He changed just because the glory of God surrounded us, and I hope he comes to realize that that is what was different about us.


2 thoughts on “Kevin Rice

  1. WOW that is really amazing I can’t beleive it I hope we all have anoprotunity to show the glory of God


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