Alabama, Here We Come!

Going on a mission trip might be something that some people take for granted, but not this person. I saw this in some of the people that are going to Alabama with me. They said things like “Yeah, sure, we can go,” as if it made no difference. I am not looking down on them at all, but I will tell you, I don’t think I will ever be able to react that way when there is an opportunity to change lives for Christ’s sake. I immediately got terribly excited and couldn’t keep from smiling when my mom and dad started talking about it with the other staff members at church this past Wednesday. Though no one could really tell unless they looked hard into my face, excitement was surging through every part of me while sitting at the lunch table. Now we are going to leave, 26 of us in all. The neat thing about this is that we leave in just five days, and everyone has known about it for only five days as well. We have this big of a team in such short notice, and I can’t wait.
After reading Leslie Ludy’s book, called Set-Apart Femininity, I have felt the need to tell everyone about Jesus Christ, and this is the perfect opportunity. I think this must be why I am so excited about it all. Jesus has changed me in the past few months, and now, I want to help others experience this dramatic and life altering change. I am now reading David Platt’s book, called Radical, and it is also helping me change into the person Christ has called me to be. I just got finished with the second chapter and already, I have learned so much.
I keep praying that Jesus will prepare me for what is going to happen next week, that I will be ready for it and I will listen to what He tells me while I am there. We will be leaving on the 15th at 9:30 am and coming back to Ohio on the 20th. Please keep us in your prayers for the next two weeks, that God will give us the words to say when they are needed and that He will empower us to spread the hope of the Gospel to the hopeless, homeless, orphaned, and weary. Pray, because that could change everything.


4 thoughts on “Alabama, Here We Come!

  1. My Joy,

    You know how proud I am of you and will cerainly be praying and believing that He will use the whole team for His glory!!!! Love, love, love you!!!!


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