God’s Masterpiece

In order for your life to take meaning and shape, have beauty and be display-worthy of God’s refrigerator, we have to surrender everything unto Him. EVERYTHING.

This evening, I went to Ct with Dad to hear Andy Stanley’s sermon series “The Best Question Ever.” We finished it by watching the final session, “The Best Decision Ever.” Andy Stanley explained that if we wanted our lives to be beautiful, we had to surrender every nook and cranny of our souls and flesh to Jesus Christ. He explained it as if we were painters, and we were painting our lives, but in order for us to make a masterpiece, we had to let God direct our brush. In really life, abstract lines make beautiful art, but an abstract life isn’t pictorial. God knows how to paint a pretty scene, and we don’t. We have to realize this and show God that we understand what it means, by letting Him “have the brush,” or at least guide our hands to make the perfect stroke a.k.a. the perfect decision. If we let God make perfect stokes and decisions through us, the big picture becomes beautiful and our lives display His glory and greatness and our own personal uniqueness.

He has a plan and a picture in mind for all of us, we just have to listen to His calling and obey it to make a perfect picture out of our lives. In order for us to have a perfect picture, again, we must surrender everything to Him and Him alone. Not our jobs, our friends, our time, etc. but to God and everything that He has planned for us.

Say ‘yes’ to Him every time He asks something of you, or as Andy Stanley suggested, “pre-decide to say “yes” to your God & King.” And say it because you trust Him and that He will make a masterpiece with your life, if you listen to His calling and abide by it.

Trust Him, because He always knows best.

~ CJ

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6 thoughts on “God’s Masterpiece

  1. Thx CJ I really needed that!!:) God always knows best even in our worst situwaytion. I don’t care if I just spelled that wrong just tell me how to spell it!!!

  2. Chritiana, I am so proud of you I could burst!! I am praying for you.
    God Bless,
    Tammy Howell


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