The Grass is Greener…So is the Poison Ivy

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, right? We have all heard this little phrase, often used by mothers :), and we all have gotten tricked into the opposite message, it really is greener.

I have had a personal encounter with greener grass on the opposite side of the fence, literally. My favorite place on our whole 3 acres, is not even on our 3 acres. There is two parallel lines of pine trees that mark the border of our property, but they are technically the neighbor’s. In between both of the lines is a great place to play, listen to nature, and in my case, write. One day last week, I went up and played there before I started school because it was warm and sunny. Two evenings later, I started to itch and scratch at my right eye. I went and looked in the mirror, which confirmed my hypothesis of the itching. I had gotten poison ivy, ‘over the fence.’ Actually, I am still itching my neck at this moment. Not fun. :(

So what am I saying? The grass may actually be greener, but the poison ivy is too! For some women, a person’s hair might be much prettier than theirs, but what you don’t know is that to make it look like that, you must put up with greasy hair. For some men, maybe it is a nice looking truck, that takes tons of time away from things that really matter, just to clean the vehicle every week.

Just remember, the grass maybe greener, but so is the poison ivy.

~ c.j. hines


4 thoughts on “The Grass is Greener…So is the Poison Ivy

  1. Funny you mentioned hair because now I’m going through a phase where I’ve stopped adding chemicals to my hair. My hair is in its completely God-given natural form. Many people have asked me why I cut my hair and decided to start afresh and I always tell them that I’m learning to accept myself for who I am (Physically). I know what its like to have straight chemically-treated hair that shines in the sun, it may look good on the outside but its quite an ordeal taking care of it. Just because something looks good on the outside does not make it good on the inside. We need to learn to be happy with what we have and work with what we’ve got.

    1. Yeah, I think we all need to take that into consideration almost everyday most of the time. Through school this year, I have discovered that God really doesn’t care what we look like on the outside. Not that He didn’t take time to make us or thinks that we aren’t beautiful, it’s just that the inside is all that matters to Him, and so that is what we need to be concerned about also. (:


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