The Storm’s Rage

The storm swept over the land like a furious beast, coming down with anger. The beast’s voice thundered in rage as it told of all it’s problems, but in it’s fury the beast cried huge raindrops because of the torture it had been through. The beast threw hailstones upon all who had oppressed him. It’s eyes were filled with lightning bolts that brought terror to the people. It’s face was mad and confused, full of dark gray clouds which traveled fast to bring it’s wrath on other people. The beast whirled around, creating a fierce wind that spread through the trees and shrubs.

It was relentless and striking, leaving some in awe and most in fear. The beast made many terrified and scared to leave their houses, but it soon moved on and the people were left to clean up the destruction the beast had left.


3 thoughts on “The Storm’s Rage

  1. Very impressive C.J.-Hines! You have a lot of talent young lady and it seems that you just get more creative as time passes. Keep it up!


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