Living Set-Apart Lives

God has called us all to live set-apart lives for Him, but unfortunately, the vast majority of people today can’t find the life God has called them to live, or, just don’t want to.

He showed me His way and path He had designed for me in living a set-apart life, sometime last night. God guided me into His path through my weaknesses. I was messing up, yet He showed me how to get out of my rut, to follow Him completely, and use all of me for Him. I believe that the only way we will be able to live a set-apart life for Him is when we run into Him with everything we have. We have to willing, however, give up our pleasures, time, resources, friends, etc. to Him so that we might be everything He wants us to be.

Ecclesiastes chapters 1-6 talks about the meaninglessness of various things. The one that really stuck out to me was pleasures, but think about it for a minute. What is pleasure compare to living for the One who gave up everything for us? That included, comfort, selfishness, and pride (though I really don’t believe Jesus had or has pride).Really, is it that hard to become a little uncomfortable at times? I’m not saying this because I have it all together and I am always uncomfortable when God asks me to be, but to make us all think about how much we are actually giving Him. Is it enough?

Are you giving enough?


2 thoughts on “Living Set-Apart Lives

  1. hey!!!!! didi you take this from kaylee’s class??!?!!
    LOL!!!!! loved it!!!! can’t wait to see you!!!!


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