Saving the Lost

Christianity is so much more than going to church on Sunday. Real worship is not where you raise your hands in the middle of a song, but where you life shouts Jesus every day of the week.

Being a Christian is very complex and lasts throughout the whole week when you go to work, school, or any other activity that you participate in. God commands us to be his disciples and go ‘catch’ men. That means so much more than putting on a good act in front of all your church homies. It’s about doing what God says 24/7.

Even though we mess up, what sometimes may feel like all the time, our failures should still shout Jesus’ name. There’s what I mean: when you sin, you take a step back from God. But if you are quick to confess and forgive, and kids, this means don’t wait until your parents tell you to, people should be able to see that everyone messes up, but God still forgives time and time again. Sometimes, our mishaps, bad habits or addictions, failures, and sin help us reach out to people because we know where they are coming from. Because of what you have done, you can share how God changed your life even through the things you have done. This requires a lot of honesty, though. You have to be up front and honest about what you have done in order for God to use you. We can’t act perfect because we are not, but we should show the ultimate love Jesus gives. It helps them see what God does even when we are following Him and mess up; that God just keeps giving and extending us grace and mercy.

So what have I concluded through all these little tangents I went on? You should have seen this, 1) Honesty: don’t sugar coat sin, 2) Sins: God can use them for His glory sometimes, and last but the most important, 3) Christianity: it’s a 24/7 thing. Put all these things together and what do you get? In order for you to reach the lost, you have to live Christianity out all day, everyday to be able to use your sins as a testimony, but this requires honesty with people around you.

As you go about your week, remember all these things so that you will be able to help the lost find hope because of your honesty and 24/7 faith.


2 thoughts on “Saving the Lost

  1. So true. This will make me sound old but it is such a blessing to read things like this from someone as young as you are. =) God has given you a gift for writing and He is going to use you greatly!

  2. This was an awesome message that I need to be reminded of often!!! Up front honesty, I like that and not acting like we have never and will never sin!! Luv ya


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