Spring, I thought

On Friday last week, it felt like spring and was nice and warm, at almost seventy degrees. I was so happy and excited that spring was pushing winter out, yet anxious for hot summer days. The sun shined on top of me, letting me see my shadow. The soft breeze passed me on it’s journey through the countryside. The sky was filled with a greyish blue color, but no longer held the threat of snow, but maybe of a spring shower. The grass was muddy and dirty looking, but I knew that soon it would be a bright green color. I let spring take over as I closed my eyes and inhaled all that was before me. Spring had come.

Or so I, we all, thought. I was upset to see snow on falling and sticking to the ground. I also didn’t like pulling on a coat instead of slipping a jacket. But then I thought, or looked at the calender. It is still February and even though I wish it was not true, we could have another snow storm. :( Not good. We still must have hope and be joyful, however. God will surely bring spring, just not so early. It will again be warm and sunny, just not soon it doesn’t look like. :( Keep praying and maybe we can turn the snow into a nice sunny day!!! :)


4 thoughts on “Spring, I thought

  1. You so have a way with words. I’m with you girl, keep hoping and knowing that spring is ON the way!! love ya

      1. I think you have a way with words 2. I think you will reach more people than you know just with what you write.=)
        Sis (Ciara)


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