Three Years

Three years. I can’t believe it’s been this long, well, it actually feels longer. I remember that morning very well, too well really. Ciara and I were on the living room floor, because we had just watch One Night with the King. First I heard Mom talking, and then crying. Because of the words she was saying, I figured it out all too soon. Pastor Eric VanBuskirk had passed away. I started to cry. I couldn’t hold the tears back any longer. It all seemed so sudden, well, not really, but to me it did. Mom later told us that Dad had left around two o’ clock that morning because Miss Jeannette had called him and all the rest of the family, saying that Pastor wasn’t doing very good. I wish I could tell you what those last moments were like, but I can’t speak for that part of such a big day.

The next few days were somewhat of a blur. We all went over to Miss Jeannette’s every evening leading to the funeral on the 22nd. We didn’t leave until like one or two in the morning, helping and holding Miss Jeannette when ever she needed it.

The viewing was only open to the family at Hill’s funeral home, but we were allowed to come. The air was so thick and no one wanted to talk.

The funeral, I mean Celebration of Life service, was the biggest one I had ever been to. The whole sanctuary was filled to the fullest with folding chairs set up in the back. It was also one of the best services I had ever attended. It lasted much longer than any regular funeral service, but ended all too soon.

Now Dad is the pastor of an AWESOME church and all of you have been such a help. Thanks for all your prayers and love that you have showed us. You guys have helped us when it was difficult to lead or when we weren’t sure what to do. Thank you all!!


3 thoughts on “Three Years

  1. You never cease to amaze me. I am in tears as I read your blog. You write so beautifully. Thank you for putting into words the feelings in my heart. I love you and your entire family. We are truly blessed to be part of such a wonderful church family. Your visit to Dow made such a difference in his atitude to get well. He couldn’t wait to tell me how you prayed for him. He has such a wonderful visit with everyone. Thank you for cheering him up.

  2. I’m glad you wrote about Pastor Eric’s going home. I know lots of us were thinking about the family and praying for them. It reminds me of how we need to always be ready to go, to appreciate the ones we have in our lives and not take a single day for you and our CT family lots!!!!!

  3. Christianna, thanks for helping recollect some very pivotal moments of our lives. Thanks for being a great daughter, & stirring me about things that really matter. Love you!!


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