Makin’ Music

Just came to make some MUSIC, for my Lord with my words. Went to Winter Jam last night with Mom and Dad, and it was really awesome! Wish it would have lasted longer!!! :)

I want to do something really cool for Jesus, something that i have never done before. I guess I will just have to be patient and let him show me my commission. I hate waiting. I don’t get a lot of opportunities to talk or reach out to lost people, but God has still place some in my life and I hope that I can share the love that I have found in him with those people this week! I hope that I follow God’s plan and do what I can to help them see him!!!!


9 thoughts on “Makin’ Music

  1. Hey,Girlie, you don’t have to hope you will do what God wants you to do. You love Jesus and as long as He is first in your life He is already leading you, guiding you, and allowing you to touch people for Him. Just your smile is enough for people to see Jesus in you. Love ya, Gran

  2. I like your new post! All you have to do is wait for God to lead you in the way he wants to use you life! Whether it is helping a friend being friends with someone or something totally different. I luv you Christianna Joy Hines. :) :] 2/3/11

  3. Why isn’t any one posting any thing on your blog? It is weird seeing just me and Gran on your blog that commented on your blog. I am surprised that Dad and Mom has not posted any thing on your blog.I bet you are hoping that someone else besides me and Gran to post something like one of your friends. Doyou like being in the drama that we are going to do for the church? I do!:) :] TTYL

  4. Well thank you very much christianna joy hines. Well okay I will go E-mail you right now I luv you

  5. Well, I’m not Gran or Ciara but I’m going to post anyway! This one could have been written by me :-) I, too, want to do something really cool for Jesus that I’ve never done before and I’m waiting on my commission as well. Perhaps we’ll both get this chance sooner rather than later! Love you, girl.

  6. i went 2 winter jam a couple years ago and i
    absolutely loved it!!!! i didn’t know that Toby-Mac
    could do a flip!!!! that was soo cool!!!


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