Believing in something sometimes requires a lot of faith and jumping off cliffs that you can’t even see the bottom of. Like in the song that Francesca Battistelli sings, “It feels like I’m falling and that’s why it is hard to believe.” We feel like we have no control in the problems we face, which we actually don’t. We feel as if our whole lives will fall apart if we don’t ‘step up to the challenge’ of controlling everything, but the truth is that if we ‘step up to the challenge’ most likely our lives while fall apart, especial if we don’t let God have any say on what we do. Believing and having faith in something we can’t see or hear is hard for our human nature, but if we let God take control of what isn’t even our’s in the first place, God will fill our lives so full that we will be surrounded by Him and we won’t worry or be afraid of what comes our way.

Like I said in my last blog, everyday isn’t going to be a breeze, and sometimes we may doubt that God is even there. If we have faith that God will see us through, most likely, somewhere in the end God’s glory will shine down on you and probably spill over on to other people, but first, we have to lean into Him and let go of the world. That is a very big part of walking in alignment with Him, but you must also remember that it maybe, and a lot of times it is, the hardest part to overcome. We have to trust Him that He will see us through and that His love can overcome anything that comes our way.

I will confess that I do have a problem with leaning FULLY into God. I find myself only stretching half way, or even one fourth of the way into His arms. That problem is probably due to the fact that I am terribly scared that some people will think I am crazy and not befriend me any longer. I know that this might seem a little off centered, since God is much more important than anyone, but that is how I work. A lot of you might have other problems in faith and believing that make more since than mine, but all of us do need to focus on letting God do the work instead of us. That is the whole point in doing the 21 day fast that Church Triumphant is participating in. We let go of the world that we love so that we can be closer to the person that means so much more to us.

Lean into Jesus. Let Him be the one to direct your steps instead of you. If you do, just remember, when God closes doors, He opens some too. Read His word for more direction and just be with Him. Enjoy every minute of His presents.
~c.j. hines


4 thoughts on “Believing

  1. I like the thought of leaning into God. That kind of makes me think of getting ready to get a hug from HIM!!!! And He is always ready to give us hugs if we are open to feel them. luv ya lots

  2. This one is the best one yet!:) It is the best one besides the tough times one. You are becoming a very good writer! I can’t wait to read your books!!:) But you are growing up a little to fast you know! You can stop growing any time now. LOL

  3. I’m really impressed with your blogs! You pointed out that being concerned with how others see you when you fully trust in God didn’t make sense considering that God is WAY more important. My problem is with trying to figure out answers and solutions on my own. THAT doesn’t make sense considering that God is INFINITELY wiser than me! AND, he knows the outcomes when I can only speculate!! Thanks for the reminder!!

  4. Wow CJ ;) You have become quite the writer! Keep letting God use you! Your insight is well beyond your years! God has blessed you! Don’t let fear of man keep you from following God’s lead! He has big plans for you as a write! Can’t wait to see them unfold!


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