Family: An Awesome Gift

I never could have truly said that I knew what it meant to be a family or have one until this past Christmas. I have learned what a special gift God gave us all when He gave a family.

We were sitting at the dinner table one evening, early in December, talking about the little things my brothers did and said. I looked around the table and saw all the people God put in my path to give me joy in sorrow and to help me walk through troubles. For a moment, I sat there, inhaling the thought that sat before me. God gave me such an awesome family and I shuttered at thought of me not noticing it before now.

One other time that it hit me was on the night before Christmas Eve. All of us Hines were pilled up in Mom and Dad’s room watching “The Christmas Hope” And then I realize what a blessing they truly were to me. Tears pricked my eyes and ran down my face as I thought of how ungrateful I was to to have such a great support system while some people had no one to call friend or family. Without the family I have, there would be no me, for they help me see who I am and what I am meant to be. We laughed and giggled some more that night about what we would do the next day for Christmas and memories we shared. I laughed until tears of joy jumped from my eyes and my side started to hurt.

I can say that this past Christmas I have recieved one of God’s most treasured gifts, and someday I hope that I can give it to my children. These special people, called family, help God out sometimes I think. They bring the true joy in life.


9 thoughts on “Family: An Awesome Gift

  1. Wow that was great I don’t even know how to explain how sweet that was I almost cried when I read that I bet your family loved it and wow that just proves how much your family can be there for you really are a true friend

      1. :o :) your my BFFTLAD ( best friends forever through life and death) luv ya and your blog :)

  2. Christianna I luv it! You r becoming very good at writing! I didn’t know how much I really ment to you! When Jessica read it it almost made me cry! you such a good sister and I luv you so much!

  3. That was so good!! You have such a talent for writing!!! I love and can’t wait to see you soon!! :)


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